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The Reavis Companion is a collaboratively run graduate student blog. Our goal is to foster community and offer constructive support for graduate students in English. Our site is run and read by grad students in the English department of Northern Illinois University, and while we are not affiliated with or sponsored by NIU, we hope that we can help NIU’s grad students navigate the ins and outs of grad school and connect with other grad students.

Current Contributors:

  • Amy Erickson (editor)
  • Joey Crundwell (editor)
  • Jordan Pennington
  • Karina Diaz
  • Dylan Simons
  • Cassy Pelletier
  • Eric Hoffman
  • Scott Stalcup
  • Natalie Santiago

If you are interested in becoming a contributor for the Reavis Companion, please reach out via email to, or email Amy or Joey directly.

Latest from the Blog

Grad School Games: Abzû

by Joey Crundwell Abzû (2016) is a simple, accessible, soothing game about a scuba diver exploring vast, beautiful ocean spaces and restoring life to a fading world – and it’s a great Grad School Game. I realize that many of my recommendations center on stress and anxiety caused by grad school. Those stressors tend to…

The Attendance Question

by Jordan Pennington Attendance is tricky. Too rigid and unyielding a policy (“Miss X days of class and automatically lose X points”) risks deepening existing inequalities. The more egregious the level of strictness, the more a student who can afford to “only” be a student becomes more likely to be successful than a student who…

Grad School Games: Untitled Goose Game

recommended by Karina Diaz As graduate students you are probably familiar with to-do lists. They rule our lives, guide us, and allow us to succeed. To-do lists inherently feel like a chore because that is the point, it is stuff you have to do. How often do you put fun things on your to-do list?…


Most of our content is composed originally by regular contributors to our site, but we welcome guest submissions!

We publish thoughts on a variety of topics, including

  • Literature and media
  • Rhetoric and composition
  • Theater and drama
  • New research
  • Coursework and candidacy
  • Publishing and professionalization
  • The academic job market
  • Game and film recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Current academic discourse

All submissions should seek to engage with other graduate students in a constructive way.

Send submissions to To protect your original research, please keep the blog format in mind and limit your submissions to 1500 words.

(Header image courtesy of Michael Day)

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