The Reavis Companion is a collaboratively run graduate student blog. Our goal is to foster community and offer constructive support for graduate students in English. Our site is run and read by grad students in the English department of Northern Illinois University, and while we are not affiliated with or sponsored by NIU, we hope that we can help NIU’s grad students navigate the ins and outs of grad school and connect with other grad students.

Current Contributors:

  • Amy Erickson (editor)
  • Joey Crundwell (editor)
  • Jordan Pennington
  • Dylan Simons
  • Cassy Pelletier
  • Eric Hoffman
  • Scott Stalcup
  • Natalie Santiago

If you are interested in becoming a contributor for the Reavis Companion, please reach out via email to reaviscompanion@gmail.com, or email Amy or Joey directly.

Latest from the Blog

ePortfolio Experiment: Semester in Review

This semester, an ad hoc subcommittee of the First-Year Composition Committee ran an experimental “pre-pilot” program in which we made some changes to the traditional ePortfolio in our FYComp classes. Earlier in the semester, we shared some of our plans, goals, and hopes for this experiment. Now, with the benefits of hindsight and experience, we’ve… Continue Reading →

The Reavis Companion’s Inaugural Year

With the spring semester drawing (finally) to a close, The Reavis Companion is celebrating the end of a fantastically successful first year! Following our launch in the fall, our contributors have worked hard to bring you cogent and exciting content every week of the spring semester. We’ve shared writing on a variety of different topics,… Continue Reading →

Grad School Games: Unpacking

by Amy Erickson I sometimes have a hard time enjoying downtime. I can scroll through TikTok or devour dragon souls in Skyrim for only a short time before the anxiety of not Getting Things Done begins to creep up. This stresses me out all over again, and now I’m stressed about doing insufficient relaxation as… Continue Reading →


Most of our content is composed originally by regular contributors to our site, but we welcome guest submissions!

We publish thoughts on a variety of topics, including

  • Literature and media
  • Rhetoric and composition
  • Theater and drama
  • New research
  • Coursework and candidacy
  • Publishing and professionalization
  • The academic job market
  • Game and film recommendations
  • Reviews
  • Current academic discourse

All submissions should seek to engage with other graduate students in a constructive way.

Send submissions to reaviscompanion@gmail.com. To protect your original research, please keep the blog format in mind and limit your submissions to 1500 words.

(Header image courtesy of Michael Day)

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